About us

Our company

We were founded in October 2012 in the belief we can provide items with excellent customer service for a great price.

We started out in October 2012 selling branded watches. We have branched out and grown in to the luxury gift market offering digital watches, cufflinks, wallets, money clips and many other great items from our website and Amazon and eBay. We have an excellent reputation both on Amazon and eBay and you can check our website reviews on trustpilot  as well.

In 2018 we created our cufflinks and gifts brand Charles William London. This is made up from our names Simon Charles and Edward William Chontow. These items are high quality accessories and offer great value for money. They can be found for sale on all of our channels.

Our team

Simon and Edward Chontow run this family company and have been doing so since we started. Dedicated to providing great service and items we have been fulfilling orders for many years now. We have many years experience in sourcing genuine branded items and only buy from reputable suppliers.

Our Ideals

As a warm family company we honestly believe that there are 3 things that we should never compromise on for our customers. These are:

Superb customer service

Quality products

Best price

It is very difficult to achieve all these three procedures in an online experience but we do believe we are pretty close to perfecting it. Although some other shops will have similar items to us we think it will be hard for them to match us on all three fronts. If you see the same item for a cheaper price you may have to worry about customer service and if it is a similar item for cheaper, the concern is quality.

So for a blend of service, quality and price we believe you have found the right place.